This is a page about designing and making “Christmas Hearts” (julehjerter): these are braided paper hearts, a Scandinavian – especially Danish – traditional Christmas decoration, principally to be hung on the Christmas tree.

This is a video tutorial for making the classical 4×4 heart.

I’m sorry but for now most of this page is in Danish. I decided to make it in Danish since “julehjerter” is a Danish thing, and I expect that most of my audience is Danish.

For non-Danish readers, I hope it is possible to use Google Translate and a bit of linguistic guess-work to go through the instructions. For specific questions on a given article or model, you are more than welcome to ask via the commentary field.

If there is sufficient interest, I might start translating some of the articles into English, so if you are interested, please leave a message below or at the pages you would like to see translated.

Hjerte i skoven. © Mikkel Pape
Hjerte i skoven. © Mikkel Pape

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  1. Please send me other designs for or julhjerter as I use them for all occasions. I worked as a teacher in Denmark for a while and learnt to make them there. I love the penguin one!!@

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